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The Fall of Brother Rhoddy

Without exception Rhoddy Bush has been the most regular attender at Lodge Kyle for many years now. However as with all living things, his time has come and Rhoddy has finally has finally departed, leaving behind a legacy that cannot be ignored.

Rhoddy's demise was instigated by our worthy Brother Paul Newton, who spend many an hour hacking, sawing and chopping at the ever extending Rhododendron bushes blocking the front "garden" of Lodge Kyle. With the impending Centenary on May 25th of this year, Paul rightly noted that the celebrations and movements from and to Kyle Village Hall to the Lodge would be greatly enhanced by the removal of our bushy brother.

Brother Rhoddy

However as you can see from the above pictures, the removal from the site will prove just as exacting a task. The story continues...

More pictures..

The clearing continues ...