Lodge Kyle 1117

Joining Lodge Kyle 1117


To join Freemasonry is easy. Just ask someone you know to be a Freemason and you have taken the first step.

It is a simple matter to join Freemasonry in Scotland. Just tell someone who is already a Freemason that you are interested in Freemasonry and thinking about joining. They will always be happy to help you on the path to becoming a Freemason and will make you feel welcome at all times.

Part of being a Freemason is to help people; so you should never be worried about approaching someone to ask about joining or just to ask a few questions.

You can still join the Lodge even if you dont know any of the Lodge Members. Just send an email to the Lodge Secretary at info@lodgekyle.co.uk and you will receive further instructions and a brochure describing various aspects of Scottish Freemasons and the Craft.

If you think you would like to join Freemasonry at Lodge Kyle, you should read through the FAQ section which outlines who can join and many of the questions prospective candidates ask.

Once you have read the FAQ and still think you are a suitable person, please email info@lodgekyle.co.uk and the lodge secretary will contact you with the information on how to proceed and arrange a visit to the Lodge.

Lastly ... Every member of every lodge throughout the world for the past 500 years or so has had to ask a Freemason about how to join, so there is no need to be apprehensive!