Lodge Kyle 1117




Freemasonry is about Fraternity, Giving and Truth. Some aspects of these three principles are best explained as allegory or in symbols and for this purpose we have ritual or a series of plays to help explain the deeper meanings of Masonic teachings.

While ritual highlights the foundations of Freemasonry a lot of time and energy has gone into explaining and clarifying masonic principles with many books and papers on any number of Masonic Topics.

Below you will find a list of subjects which can be studied and and once understood, explained to your fellow brethren in the form of a short instructional lecture. This will not only give you a deeper or clearer understanding of what Freemasonry is all about but will also help new members who know little about the Craft and older Brethren who have gaps in their knowledge.

The two columns B & J

The building and symbolism of the Temple of King Solomon

The Apron and its Rosettes TAKEN

A time-line of Early Scottish Freemasonry

An overview of The Three Degrees

Veiled in Allegory and illustrated with Symbols

The S**** G**** and W**** of the 1st Degree

The S**** G**** and W**** of the 2nd Degree

The S**** G**** and W**** of the 3rd Degree

Famous Freemasons

Rosslyn Chapel

The Square in the centre of the lodge

The Wardens

The tools .. of which there are many; each having a significant meaning.


Bear in mind that while the internet is ONE primary method of getting masonic information it is not THE authoritative source. Anything gleaned from the web should only be considered a starting point. Masonic Libraries and your fellow brethren are probably just as good if not better sources of knowledge.
Wherever you start.. get confirmation from at least one other source!