Lodge Kyle 1117

Repairing the Lodge - May 2009


That floorboard seems a bit loose to me...

The floor is lifted

As with any older building The Lodge required repairs. It was found on lifting the floor to mend a springy joist that the rot was more extensive than first thought and that the recent inclement weather had brought more than "a scar o weet to mak the girse grow!" The sub floor was swimming in water and due to rot, several of the beams required replacements.

Just inside the door of the lodge is where the water was deepest. You can see the water lying in a huge pool in the image above. Fortunately the location of the ingress was located and action taken to prevent problems in the future.

Sadly other areas of the ante room required renovation, specifically between this room and the hall to the kitchen and meeting room. (see below)

Floor at kitchen

After little deliberation due to the urgency of the situation, professional advice, lots of emails and arranging, it was decided to buy the materials immediately and begin work.

Damage to the floor : the full horror

Main Hall

Above you can see the main hall had to be used to store carpets, chairs etc. They say the darkest time is before the dawn ...

On Friday 9th May 2009 the wagon from the local builders yard dropped off the materials and volunteers carried the expensive "stuff" from the back of the village hall at Murchiesons garage round into the lodge for use the following day.

Materials inside the Lodge

Joiner Andrew and his labourer Seamus duly turned out the following
drizzly day to begin the works ... It actually turned out to be one of
the wettest days of the year, highlighting the water ingress problem.

The labours begin

Inside great progress is being made. Rotten timbers chopped out and new put in place.

Inside the lodge floor is being repaired

Outside Seamus deals with the water issue. What you see below is not a path, but 3 inches of pooling water! The good news is that this has now been cleared and previously blocked existing drainage made good.

Lying water at the side of the Lodge

By the end of the day things are looking much better!

Renovated Floor

Below you can see the prep for the re-laying of the paving stones.

Shuttering almost ready to come off in readness for re-laying the paving.

Before and after as they say ... A diamond wheel was needed to cut the slabs to size which looked like they were originally cast using granite chips.

Tiles back down

Inside the Lodge Ante Room only requires a carpet to be good as new.

Floor completed

Carpet back down as if nothing had ever happened!

Carpet back in situ

It goes without saying that the Brethren of Lodge Kyle extend their thanks to all who assisted and especially Seamus Maguire and Andrew MacDonald who gave extensively of their time in the planning, organization and execution of the works.

TO DO (on-going maintenance)
South drain to be cleared